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Surround yourself with great people

We set up the office as we wanted to work somewhere with a great atmosphere, free from office politics and full of like-minded and friendly people. We’ve ended up meeting some amazing people, learning loads and making some great friends in the process.

The office is made up of a wide variety of businesses with the skills to deal with almost anything that comes up. Many of the companies now collaborate on projects and people are always happy to share resources, knowledge and contacts.

It’s not all about work

There are social events throughout the year and the first drink is always on us! We arrange drinks and lunches every month and it’s a great chance to get to know everyone in the office and let off a bit of steam.

Being Green & Ethical

We’re not claiming to save the world, but we try to do what we can. All the waste from the office that can be is recycled, we only use low energy lightbulbs, buy recycled printer paper, have replaced disposable hand towels with energy efficient Dyson dryers and only drink Fairtrade tea and coffee.